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EHTICOM is a full service digital agency dedicated to growing your online business through website design and development, digital marketing, etc. Our services aim to help you grow and increase your income with real results. We are located N22 Andalous 2, Temara 12000, Maroc and have worked with clients locally, nationally and nationally. We are a complete team and each of us specializes in various areas of the web including server maintenance for web design, development and digital marketing.

“To put it simply: we love what we do. The web is our passion and we love helping our clients achieve great results.”


Est. 2013

Our beginnings date back to March 2013, when the original founders were dating full time. Our team started small, operating from the apartment. We now employ a full time team of 8 people in our office.

We have worked with local and national businesses in industries of all types including construction, real estate, government / tourism, economic development, and non-profit organizations. We endorse each client with a unique strategy, personalized with your business goals and target client in mind. With the combined expertise of our team in all aspects of the digital landscape, we can craft a personalized strategy to help your business grow.

10+ Experiences

2,000+ Projects